One On One Coaching

Are you ready to level up and step into the brightest, most confident and powerful version of yourself? Are you also a little unsure how you might get there or what exactly that version of yourself looks like?


I’ve worked with several incredibly ambitious and motivated individuals who have a desire to change and manifest massive abundance, but lack the sort of clarity necessary to actualize their vision. What I began to notice was this unconscious fear of potentially seeing these desires through and feeling unprepared to receive and reap the rewards. Doesn’t make sense does it?

Quite often we stop ourselves from gaining clarity towards our aspirations in fear of looking silly or unqualified, and ridiculed for dreaming too big – “What gives you the right. Stay in your lane.”


I’ve heard it myself and I know others are living in that same paradigm. But here’s the thing, you were meant for grander experiences, you are a unique soul and no matter what you’ve been taught or raised to believe, no one is quite like you. Meaning, the paradigm of yesterday is ready to shift, the question is, are you?  



Creating a crystal clear vision for your life, whether that be in mindset, health, relationships, or career, is how I’m here to support you. I’m incredibly passionate about leading beautiful souls to actualize their greatest potential and am committed to being your souls wing woman.


I use a unique combination of spiritual, intuitive, and energetic practices, along with positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and emotional freedom techniques (EFT) to go beyond basic personal growth, and help you truly SHIFT and propel you into an entirely new way of being. A true metamorphosis. I’m committed to helping you release your limiting beliefs, damaging old narratives, and self sabotaging behaviours to finally gain clarity and consciousness. This is you finally stepping into your power and showing up as a version of yourself you never thought was possible.



Are you ready to join me?


My Signature 3 Month Process:


MONTH ONE: Taking Stock & The BIG Vision

MONTH TWO: Into the Shadows & Setting the Stage

MONTH THREE: Redefining Identity, Embodying the Vision, & Taking Flight

Allow Yourself to Dream BIGGER

Coaching is right for you if:

  • You desire to reach some sort of greater potential but lack the clarity on what that looks like and how to get there.
  • You’re brand new to personal development and are scared to open up your journal and discover what really lies dormant in your mind. You might be a little afraid to actually face yourself.
  • Or maybe you’ve read every single self-help and personal development book, listen to countless podcasts, but still feel shy on taking that first step towards your own goals and don’t know where to start.
  • You’re READY to walk the river of change and are committed to showing up for yourself, but could really use a gentle nudge or support from someone outside your circle.
  • You have a feeling that there’s something bigger and better out there for you, but don’t have the community or guidance from a trusted source, leaving you confused and unmotivated.
  • You scroll the ‘gram and are constantly comparing yourself to your peers or people who seemingly ‘have it all together’- wondering, “When will it be my turn?”
  • You’re overwhelmed in some capacity, whether that be in work, relationships, or just with life in general and are seeking some type of balance or escape (are you constantly booking vacations and ‘running away’ from your problems?)
  • You’re feeling stuck, stagnant or as if you’ve reached a plateau in your growth and are ready to unleash your ultimate potential.
  • You’ve spent hundreds to thousands of dollars in self help books, retreats, workshops, meetups, e-books, courses, and group programs and just haven’t seen the results you’re looking for.
  • You have felt incredible growth from therapy and personal work and want to continue to foster that transformative energy!
  • You are ready and committed to meeting this next level version of yourself!

What can I expect?

Receive 1:1 support and guidance from your Personal Transformation Coach Kelly in her 3 month signature program that’s tailored towards what’s necessary for you. This isn’t a one size fits all program, but a fully customized, immersive experience that is meant to maximize your growth

and shift you into an entirely new way of BEING.

 Access to the ‘Hotline’: Text, voice note, or email Kelly in between sessions for added support.  

(I’m your #1 accountability partner)

Access to three monthly PDF JOY-workbooks specifically curated for this journey of metamorphosis. 

Learn the fundamentals of numerology, astrology, attachment theory, levels of consciousness, NLP, and MUCH MORE!

Weekly Joywork, Stretch Experiments, Immersive Action Rituals, Personalized Meditations, & Customized Journal Prompts. 

First access & special discounts to upcoming programs, workshops, & events.

Sessions Include:

Meditation and Breath Work
Reiki Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Embodiment Work
Childhood Wounds
Holistic Health Recommendations
Mental Rewiring
Channeling & Energetic Card Pulls
Writing Exercises & Custom Journaling Prompts
Performance Coaching
Self Empowerment and Confidence Techniques


If the idea of working together lights you up, let's chat! I really look forward to learning about your story and what you're looking for in a coach.
Feel free to book a complimentary 30 min Discovery Call where together we can decide if it's a good fit.
xo Kelly

Words From My Clients

“My transformation since working with Kelly has been nothing sort of astonishing. As someone who already was devoted to her own self-work and personal development, having Kelly as an accountable partner skyrocketed my breakthroughs and insights that were previously unacknowledged and buried. I have taken radically aligned action that my old self would have been too afraid to do; and I'm an action taker as it is! Kelly is incredible at being a calming, gentle force of nature; present, available and wise. She asks the tough questions but always makes sure she lets you know she is there to walk your journey with you, even when it's confusing, uncomfortable, or all of the above! I am grateful I felt the internal nudge to message Kelly because my life hasn't been the same since. If you're willing to honor your commitments, show up fully, and be willing to surrender to the treasure trove of information deep within you - then Kelly is your divine guide!“

- Ainsley S.

“Kelly has helped and encouraged me to grow into someone I didn’t know existed. Her constant support has pushed me into a higher version of myself who is happier and more confident than ever. I now have more control over my emotions and feel like I have a more positive outlook on life. I could not be more grateful and proud of myself for the progress I’ve made while working alongside Kelly!“

- Alexx L

“Before this course started, I was furloughed due to the COVID pandemic, feeling burnt out, and was looking for ways to build my confidence and hoping to find some spiritual guidance while navigating my job hunt and looking for new opportunities. Kelly's shining positivity was the ray of light I needed each day. The most magical moment of all was once I was feeling radiant again, focusing on gratitude, and living in abundance elsewhere in my life, a job opportunity landed in my lap! All in 21 days! I can't thank Kelly enough for her amazing guidance. If you're looking to level-up, push yourself out of your comfort zone, find alignment in your own life, and fulfill your wildest dreams, I can't recommend Kelly enough!!"

- Delaynie H.

“Where do I start? Kelly is amazing and helped guide me through my own personal and professional journey. As the leader and founder of my company the lines blur between who I am as a human and as a practitioner of my craft. Kelly has helped me open my eyes to who I am at my core and how to let go of the things that mentally hold me back from being the best version of myself. Some of her lessons are ones I'll keep with me for the rest of my life and will continue to lean on her for support and new perspectives. Highly recommend to anyone at any point in their life."

- Nick. D.

“I absolutely loved participating in your Radiance Program! It brought me a lot more independence when it comes to spirituality so I am forever grateful for this! This program came at just the right time for me and it really helped me through a really difficult period in my life. I've been in a transitional phase of growth and every component of the program really helped open my mind and heart. It helped me let go of my fear of judgement and learn how to shift my energy. The whole experience was so incredibly beautiful, radiant, and juicy! Thanks girl!"

- Katya A.